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Monday, July 18, 2011

WCDMA Network Planning 3

Conditions for planning

** Conditions :

• capacity not constant.
• separate analysis for UL/DL.
• joint coverage/capacity analysis.
• HO areas and levels affect directly system capacity.
• basic shared resource is power.

** Objective parameters :

• coverage.
• capacity (blocking).
• good link quality (BER, FER).
• throughput delay, for packet services Methods.
• preplanned during network planning process.
• real time radio resource management.
• real time power control.

Network planning

Resource reservation for handling expected traffic without congestion.
           – load per cell/sector, handover areas.

Sets allowable “power budget” available for services.
           – load higher than expected.
           – load “badly” distributed.
           – implements statistical multiplexing.

Estimates average power/load, variations of it are taken care in run time by RRM.
           – maximal allowed load versus average load.

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