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Sunday, April 10, 2011

4G LTE Key Features ( EPS to EPC)


   A key feature of the EPS is the separation of the network entity that performs control-plane functionality (MME) from the network entity that performs bearer-plane functionality (SGW) with a well defined open interface between them (S11).

LTE S11: -

    An IP interface between MME and SGW! GTPv2 is the protocols used at the application
layer. GTPv2 runs on UDP transport. This interface must and should run GTPv2.

S1-flex Mechanism

   The S1-flex concept provides support for network redundancy and load sharing of traffic across network elements in the CN, the MME and the SGW, by creating pools of MMEs and SGWs and allowing each eNB to be connected to multiple MMEs and SGWs in a pool.

  The project is about simulating MME and SGW of LTE network and GTPv2 communication among them. You can download it from

Sources : Motorola

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