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Saturday, May 21, 2011

WCDMA Network Planning 1


     • Planning should meet current standards and demands and also comply with future requirements.
     • Uncertainty of future traffic growth and service needs.
     • High bit rate services require knowledge of coverage and capacity enhancements methods.
     • Real constraints
               – Coexistence and co-operation of 2G and 3G for old operators.
               – Environmental constraints for new operators.
     • Network planning depends not only on the coverage but also on load.

Objectives of Radio network planning

     • Capacity:
               – To support the subscriber traffic with sufficiently low blocking and delay.
     • Coverage:
               – To obtain the ability of the network ensure the availability of the service in the entire service area.
     • Quality:
               – Linking the capacity and the coverage and still provide the required QoS.
     • Costs:
               – To enable an economical network implementation when the service is established and a controlled network expansion during the life cycle of the network.