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Sunday, April 3, 2011

SS7 Basics

SS7 Protocol :

     The primary signaling protocol in use today is signaling systems 7(SS7), which interconnects networks such as SSP, SCP .

     The SS7 Protocol stak consist in several individual protocols, including Message Transfer Part (MTP) level1,2 and 3, Integrated services Digital Network User Part, Signaling Connection Control Part (SCCP), and the Transmission Capabilities Application Part (TCAP) working together, these protocols define the format for all SS7 messages, as well as the procedures by which messages are generated and processed.
      The SS7 architecture comprises three signaling points: services switching points(SSPs), signal transfer Points (STPs) and service control points (SCPs). Each signaling point is identified a unique point code, similar to how each host on an IP network has a unique IP address, Signaling points are connected via signaling links, typically 56 or 65 Kbps DS0 links.

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