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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Samsung C3530

     Smartphones and big screen sizes are all the rage nowadays and even though they offer great functionality, there is still the casual user, who does not need the big screen and just wants to make a call or send a text. But hey, this does not mean that looks don't matter at all.

     The box of the Samsung C3530 contains a micro USB wall charger, standard 3.5 mm ear buds and the user manual. Nothing surprising save for the lack of a USB cable, which is rather annoying.

    The Samsung C3530 is a traditional yet stylish feature phone that fits in this exact spot with a small 2.2 inch non-touch TFT screen. Design is one of the phone's selling points, so let's take a closer look at that rounded brushed metal body. In its ads, the C3530 is compared to an attractive lady and it definitely has the thin (.43 inches) and lightweight (3.22 ounces) frame to match one. The metal finish gives it a sturdy classical look, but upon closer inspection, you will notice some rough cutouts, one just where the volume rocker is, which spoil the impression.

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